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The Heroes Tried Their Best


The Heroes Tried Their Best is a comic fantasy actual play podcast following a secret society of monster slayers as they investigate a series of mysterious pattern of kidnappings in Lamplight City. Experience thrilling battles inside meandering trains, hijacked zeppelins, occult rituals and meet a wacky cast of characters. The RPG game system we use as of right now is dungeons and dragons fifth edition and its sourcebooks, as well as D&D Beyond. Meet the Players: The Game Master: DanThe Halfling Wildmagic Sorcerer: J.R played by MegThe Human Paladin-Rogue: Waylon played by AlexThe Half-Elf Artificer: Roran played by TaylorYou can catch updates on the podcasts as well as all the TTRPG discussions on the podcast twitter page: you're interested in streaming content beyond dungeons and dragons 5e, you can catch us on Twitch: you'd like to see our faces as well as our everyday adventures, be sure to check out our Instagram: bonus episodes of D&D are your thing, or you just want to help us out, check out our patreon page: 2 of the Heroes Tried Their Best is arriving in November this year! There will be brushes with the Feywild, Eladrin, Vampires, and Werewolves among other creatures from the depths of horror mythology. There are homebrew elements as well! Like cold iron weaponry, cane swords, firearms, and hidden stakes.